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Here's a small help for those of you who haven't been able to install the English version of the great game "Anno 1602 A.D. - Creation of a New World" while running Windows XP on their PC. The following information, I received from Sunflowers themselves, for free, so I won't be violating any copyrights; I hope this can be of some help!
To make 1602 run under Windows XP, you'll have to download this registry file. It's currently zipped. Unzip it, and double click on the file, the rest will go almost automatically.
Next you'll have to edit your system registry. For those who don't know this, click Start -> Run -> Regedit. The rest you need to know I copy pasted from the email I got from Sunflowers:

Please follow this steps carefully to install 1602:
1. Create a folder [ANNO 1602] on your hard drive in the main directory.
2. Copy all files (except [MUSIC8] and [VIDEOSMK] from the file [ANNO 1602] on the CD ROM to your newly created file and remove the write protection.
3.Double click on the Registryfile you received with the package and enter your data in the Windows Registry.
4. Search for the entry "ANNO1602" in the Registry.
5. Change the value (the letter of the drive) from the key CDROM_DIR to the CD ROM drive that is intended for using the game.
6. Change the value (the letter of the drive) from the key INSTALL_DIR to the hard drive where the [ANNO 1602] folder is located.
7. Close the registry and create a symbolic link from the 1602.exe and start. The ANNO 1602 CD has to be in the drive

I worked this through, and here it works! Enjoy playing!

This page was made with the kind help of bentrein.com